I suddenly found that the advantage of the sky photo for group warfare is even greater than that of the first one, which can make most players lose more than half. Then, it hurts the purple immortal flame at 2 o’clock every 5 seconds. I’m afraid it can be razed without a dense group of players in one minute. After all, no one has 24 lives.

Soon, Kyubi no Youko Fox finally fell down in a unwilling roar, and it was worthy of the super artifact Wanhua mirror. sharingan’s final stunt lethality was not ignored
"ding! Congratulations to the Dragon Soul Team for killing the novice village BOSS, a three-tailed fox king evolved monster beast, Kyubi no Youko Fox. "Say", the first team member who killed the monster-level BOSS team will be rewarded with 5 experience points. Hope that the system will be announced at 15 o’clock. Do you want to hide the team name? "
"It is announced that a team will jointly kill the monster beast-level BOSS." Say "that the first team member who kills the monster beast-level BOSS will be rewarded with 5 experience points and hope for 15 points."
Not bad, not bad. The bonus and the experience of Kyubi no Youko Fox made me rise from level 24 to level 25. Alas, the experience of upgrading is really not common. I only rose to the next level after killing the monster beast at level 3. I have to feel that the level of this game is difficult to rise, and it is still more difficult to rise in the future.
I rose to the next level, but Crystal Crysal and Star Wu Tianke went crazy. Because they have two levels, one is level 7, the other is level 1, and the other is to accept monster beast experience and reward experience. Crystal Crysal rose to the next level, and now it is 15; Star Wu Tian rose to level 7, and now it’s 17.
"Wow, a lot of experience. Now I think it’s too easy to upgrade this game. Today, I’ve only been online for three or four hours, and I’ve reached level 15. I’m afraid no one dares to call it the first." Crystal Crysal looked at a liter of experience and once again thought that upgrading this game was actually quite simple.
It’s really depressing. I only rushed from level 1 to level 2 for about 7 days in a row. This little girl rushed to level 15 in three or four hours. It’s really more popular than people. Alas, I don’t have a master to bring it. Wouldn’t it be like a rocket if I upgraded?
Well, I don’t want to worry so much. If I can have someone to take care of it, I won’t be the first master in the sky (even the first master in the sky is the second day, but everyone loves flowers and eats the gods greatly. I didn’t let him that time, otherwise I will become a dog god even if I eat the gods in the sky)
I found out that the monster beast’s equipment was good, and I found a ghost dress, a gold necklace, a gold knife and a pet egg. Because it is the first monster beast, it seems that I still take care of it.
Although I don’t know the effect, the ghost dress is a fox dress, but it reminds me of the 35% physical damage caused by Kyubi no Youko fox. The skill of the same name, the gold necklace is a magic blood necklace, and the gold knife is a broken tooth. Both pieces of equipment are not identified and equipped with pet eggs. Maybe Kyubi no Youko fox has not yet evolved a pet egg, but it is already very good. After all, high-grade pet eggs are now popular in the market price of rare things.
Although other equipment is also very small, it is not as good as my eyes. I picked up four pieces
I gave Kyubi no Youko Fox’s pet eggs to Crystal Crysal. Xiao Ni told me before that she wanted to have a fox pet to play with. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had a chance. Since she came to Kyubi no Youko this time, of course, I gave her the fox pet eggs. I am satisfied when I look at this little girl and smile.
Crystal Crysal dripped her blood on the pet egg. After the red light shone, a palm-sized Kyubi no Youko fox was born from the pet egg. Crystal Crysal called a kawaii and immediately picked up the Kyubi no Youko fox to play.
"You should be agile with your attribute points when you hold the golden knife of Stars. With this golden knife, the fighting capacity must be greatly increased." Now the members of Dragon Soul Organization are just me, Coca-Cola, Coke with ice, I love gold coins, Crystal Crysal and Star Wutian.
Coca-Cola and Coke with ice are both magicians, and Crystal Crysal plans to practice archers to fight knives. I love gold coins. Joke at him. If a businessman gives him this gold-class fighting knife, I’m afraid the auction will be a sensation. After the help token was built, the money auction house once again launched the gold-class fighting knife. It’s impossible to make a sensation.
I don’t think it’s necessary to keep myself in the combat knife. After all, I already have a golden-class weapon, the blade of grass. If I give up the blade of grass and this combat knife, it means that I will give up what equipment I want to replace, and I won’t consider weapons.
Alas, if I can know the properties of iron broken teeth now, I won’t give away such a valuable weapon if I say so.
"Boss, isn’t this … a little too expensive?" Star Wu Tian is not a rookie in the game. Although he entered the game a little later than the first players like us, he is increasingly paying attention to the forum list. However, he knows that China’s regional weapons are the golden class. It is conceivable that there are four rare weapons.
This broken tooth will be the fifth gold-class weapon in the world of Shuo. If it is put in an auction house, it will start at 1 million gold coins. There is absolutely no objection to those gang leaders. I really can’t figure out why I would give him a gold-class weapon so safely.
"Stars, you are my Dragon Soul player now. The boss of Dragon Soul Organization will be responsible for your weapon problem. Since this iron tooth is a weapon suitable for you, of course, I gave you a golden class weapon. How many gold coins? Tell you I don’t care. "
"Thank you, boss. You are the best boss I know. Thank you." Star Wu Tian was moved by me this time. For the first time to meet a player, I shouldn’t say that a newcomer can take care of him so much. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Although it is still unclear what to create an organization, it should not be planned to make a living and mix with a promising boss, so that he can become promising himself.
After cleaning up the battlefield, the three of us returned to the novice village and said goodbye to the village chief, and we took a carriage to Nuwa City (although there are I love gold coin auction houses in five major cities, the headquarters of the money auction house is in Nuwa City, our dragon soul organization base and of course in Nuwa City).
After more than 20 minutes of carriage bumps, we finally came to Nuwa City. With crystal Crysal feeling, I immediately dragged her to the appraisal office, which broke her desire to go shopping at once. After many consultations on the way, I had to’ sign’ an unequal treaty, which led her to the appraisal office.
"Three gold coins" appraisal The old man narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at me. He said, "You are not bad. Even the fox dress, which is very difficult to get out of the ghost, can suddenly come to me. There is one suitable for you. I just don’t know if you are going to answer it. If you come to the store to appraise the equipment from now on, I will give you a 30% discount, including today."
"Show me first, then I’ll pick it up if it’s possible." Not to mention the equipment list, today these will leave me with nearly 10 thousand gold coins. I don’t think the old man can give me a chance to finish it so easily
The hidden appraiser entrusts the appraiser Kami’s appraisal, which has been in the advanced stage for a long time. Only by upgrading the appraisal from the advanced stage to the expert stage can it be possible to obtain the artifact for Kami’s appraisal. The time limit for collecting the artifact is limited to six months, and the failure reduces the player’s level by one level, and at the same time, it will be recovered.
Chapter ninety-three Strong equipment
The hidden appraiser entrusts the appraiser Kami’s appraisal, which has been in the advanced stage for a long time. Only by upgrading the appraisal from the advanced stage to the expert stage can it be possible to obtain the artifact for Kami’s appraisal. The time limit for collecting the artifact is limited to six months, and the failure reduces the player’s level by one level, and at the same time, it will be recovered.
Sure enough, I knew that the old man wouldn’t give me anything simple to find an artifact to identify him. This is different from asking me to slaughter a beast. After all, it is the fastest way to kill a beast with an artifact. Of course, this method is also a death row for me today (God beast, what is the strength to kill them now?)
After much consideration, I decided to accept this. Anyway, now I still have the only hidden’ Save Zhao Linger’. If this is completed for me, the extreme explosion system of future generations will reward an unidentified artifact, then I will not only save the identification artifact, but also be able to complete the appraiser’s entrustment.
In fact, I still have luck in my heart. After all, it is not impossible to save Zhao Linger, but it is not impossible for the ss to complete this and get an artifact.
I chose to accept’ appraiser’s entrustment’ immediately in my column.
Seeing that I accepted the appraiser’s eyebrow eye smile and accepted 21 gold coins, I identified three pieces of equipment and three different lights shone from the three pieces of equipment, among which the red light of the fox dress was the most dazzling, and the white light of the broken teeth was the only one, but the purple and black light of the magic blood necklace was much dimmer than the first two pieces.
I took the equipment from the appraiser, and the star Wu Tianhe and the crystal Crysal immediately tilted their heads to see the properties of two pieces of equipment.
Demon fox dress ghost device Kyubi no Youko fox fox flame condensed into clothes like a dress. In fact, it is not as hard as a dress. It needs level 3 physical defense 152 magic defense 152 agility +25 physique +25 active defense skill power up 5% lasting 5/5 weight 35 incidental skill fox dress.
Kyubi no Youko Fox’s defensive stunt consumes 5 mana. Kyubi no Youko Fox’s red flame forms clothes to rebound from physical attacks. The rebound effect is 35%. Kyubi no Youko Fox’s red flame is wrapped outside the demon fox’s dress, so the player does not need to be burned by the flame. When the skill lasts for 1 minute, it will cool down for 1 hour.
Iron teeth gold equipment should be a half-man, half-demon Inuyasha’s personal artifact. Unfortunately, in the First World War in Naraku, the strength of the artifact was reduced from the artifact to the gold class for unknown reasons. It is necessary to drop blood to recognize the main physical attack power by 115 strength +2. The power of all active attack skills rose by 5%, lasting by 3/3 weight, and the incidental skills were violently broken.
Burst-breaking special active skill consumes 5 mana. Inuyasha stunt is second only to the slaying skill. King Kong’s gun-breaking will cause double physical attack damage to a straight line, and at the same time, it will be accompanied by a 3% chance. The power of the flying effect will not be ignored. When it takes 2 seconds to accumulate energy, the skill will cool down for 5 minutes.
Magic Blood Necklace Gold is equipped with rare materials such as dragon teeth, magic scales and refined iron to create a mysterious necklace. Although there is a golden class, it is not as strong as the artifact. It requires intelligence 2. Magic attack power 22. Physical defense power 22. Magic defense power 22 makes the wearer’s magic value serve as health value, so that the attack will not reduce the life lasting 15/15 weight 5 before the magic value is exhausted.
All three pieces of equipment are fox petticoats, but although the ghost weapon can only be used at level 3, the defense force is simply different from my colorful armor by N levels. Plus, it is not generally difficult to kill me in melee after wearing it, with the active defense skill of fox petticoats.
Although the physical attack limit of iron broken teeth is lower than that of my grass shovel sword, it is much higher than mine. Therefore, my grass shovel sword ranks second in the list of magic weapons, and the first place is now occupied by iron broken teeth. Looking at the incidental skills, it is not much worse than my frost wyrm.
In the third magic blood necklace, Coca-Cola and Coke with ice, don’t go crazy when you see this equipment. The magic value acts as the health value to make it strengthen the sorcerer’s disadvantage in disguise. At level 3, the sorcerer has a defense shield to resist monsters. Isn’t it easy to get it?
Give the iron broken teeth to Xingchen Wuziran, and then organize a chat. Let Coca-Cola and Coke add ice to the entrance of the East Side of Nuwa City. We will have to train for a while. With their two powerful wizards, the speed will be fast and the magic blood necklace will be given to one of them.
After notifying Coca-Cola, I accompanied Crystal Crysal and Xingchen Wutian to the job transfer office. Crystal Crysal was lucky enough to get a hidden professional magic archer to change jobs. Star Wu Tian’s luck will be worse, and he won the job change of ordinary soldiers.
In fact, there are few hidden occupations. Crystal Crysal can get the magic bowman to change jobs, which is because she is beautiful and has a super high charm value.
Soon Coca-Cola and Coke with ice arrived at the East Gate. When they saw the magic blood necklace in my hand, their eyes immediately emitted greedy light, as if they saw a naked little girl and descended like a hungry wolf. Unfortunately, none of them touched the magic blood necklace and it was already my burden.
Who am I, the first Avenger in the ranking list? How can two wizards be as fast as me?
"Boss is really a good thing. Give me the necklace quickly. It’s so extreme that I can only wear it with Coca-Cola." Coca-Cola immediately leaned in with a big grin. It seems that the magic blood necklace is really tempting.
Coke with ice pushed Coca-Cola, released ice and snow, frozen Coca-Cola and immediately leaned over and said, "Boss, you should reward me for following you for so long. I don’t want anything else. Just give me the magic blood necklace."
What a cruel little hand! Now his magic attack power freezes Coca-Cola, which can reach the state of 7 seconds at least. The probability of frontal freezing may not be great, but a sudden attack is different. The Coca-Cola immediately turned into a white ice sculpture at the gate of the city, causing players in and out to stop and watch.
"Coke with ice, I’ll kill you." Seven seconds later, Coca-Cola came out of the ice sculpture and screamed like a pig, swinging at the East Gate. Perhaps his face was distorted because of the ice, but his eyes glared at Coke with ice, and his hands summoned a magic wand. It seems that Coca-Cola is on the verge of breaking out.
Coke with ice shrugged his shoulders, summoned his magic wand with both hands and said flatly, "Do you want to fight? I’m always ready. "
Chapter ninety-four Wanku Mountain
"Well, this is what you said, Great Raytheon, please strike your lightning at people and destroy the enemy’s lightning at the moment." Coca-Cola seems to be too angry to display even the first person in the master list who eats God will be shocked by the wind.