Ordinary people also have ordinary life events.

Momo peach this sentence that a small mouth beep beep to a few bosses are some eyes-opener.
Or did they underestimate the wisdom of peasant comrades?
Look at this in front of the cubs at an early age. The wise bosses nodded in succession.
"study hard"
"Be a good comrade to the Republic of China later"
"I like you."
I shook hands with the bosses one by one. Listening to this pile of words that affirm or place expectations on myself, Momo Peach just turned into a stiff peach.
Whoops, she is a cocoa lover who wants to have a rich day. Don’t expect too much from her.
Stay in the end is who the old man looked at disgruntled Momo peach patted her little head and blew his eyes.
"Don’t listen to them blindly. They are not grounded at all. Why do children think so much? Why play hard and study hard? Just be happy and healthy every day."
This can be said to Momo’s heart. Her crazy little face is touched and recognized.
It’s just that cubs should have fun.
Others …
"Sometimes it’s good to go fishing with me more. Fishing is nourishing the mind. I’ve got a good outfit and I’m sure I can catch big fish this time," added the old man Wei.
Momo peach is a little bit late.
Grandpa Wei caught a fish
"You little cub", the hesitant old man who naturally saw it and patted Momo’s peach skull with a snort.
"Just wait and see. We’re leaving soon. Go and rehearse those things. I’ll ask them to prepare them for you early."
"Good" Little Momo peaches are sweet and sweet.
You’re welcome at all. A group of bosses are very distressed.
These things add up to a thousand dollars less.
After all, this delivery cannot be the cheapest, can it?
"You’re a bad old man who doesn’t know that daily necessities are expensive. So many people in this military region don’t know how to save it." When Momo Tao went out, a group of bosses’ expressions would be unstable.
This money is confiscated.
I don’t feel bad about my own money. It’s confiscated from the military area police and the government.
That’s a dollar. They don’t have enough.
Look at this one person so stingy sample who left the pie mouth abandon way
"stingy! you can get the money without cubs? How many points are these things? Do you still have to reward every year? "
"We didn’t pursue the more than 1,000 tickets."
"Investigate a fart. Do you have evidence that this person got the money? It’s as if the money is the same as yours. Let a baby get in the way one by one. I’m not bashful to say this. It’s really a living thing. "The old man who shouted at these people was a meal.
"Private risk that dedication is one by one to catch the cub money? People are almost abducted, or are we old guys dereliction of duty? Is this shameless? "
"Where are you a army of one understand us these people suffering? This training is free of charge? Eat and drink for free? Do you want money for the allowance? ……”
The bosses also began to pour out their grievances one by one.
This application is not easy.
Finally, now it’s a little’ extra money’
"No matter how much you say, don’t try to take our share."
In the end, everyone looked at each other and turned their heads to outdo each other.
Who wouldn’t complain? Let the money? It is impossible
"One conscienceless don’t have any fighting friendship …"
Even in a high position, when it’s time to wrangle, it’s still wrangling
But these they still want to face nature is not in front of Momo peach such a cub to pull.
In Momo Tao’s view, she just talked and then’ relaxed’ and got a big harvest.
Although I have said it several times, how many times can Momo say it if she wants something enough?
Drink a mouthful of beverage cooled Momo peach dadada ran towards the outside.
She was called in the middle of the rehearsal of the art troupe. Although these people looked a little scary, no one let the old man Wei be an acquaintance in it. She was not afraid at all.
Now that the interview is over, she has to go back to rehearsal.
But looking at this sky, Momo’s peach eyes turned a step and slowed down, skipping and walking slowly toward the outside.
She walks slowly, and then she will go outside for a walk, and it will be lunch time.
Momo’s peach idea is very good, that is, as soon as he went out, he took a small step and showed a very small appearance, as if he had never been careful just now
"Yu teacher"
Yu Ying looked at it coldly, just like cub, looking at cub’s increasingly koo-like appearance, and then said.
"I can’t go back to rehearsal after I left."
"Really," Momo waved her little hand and said goodbye as soon as her eyes lit up, and scampered outside like a small butterfly.
"Then I’ll go. Goodbye to the teacher."
"… didn’t let you go" Yu Ying hurriedly corners of the mouth twitched slightly said "season command and mulberry head let you in the past"
Momo peach winked and ran more happily.
"Uncle Ji, is this going to pay me?" Momo peach pushed open the door to reveal a little red head.
"You think of money as a cub." Ji Youyun waved at her, and Sang Xiuyu sat on the side and waved.
One is’ strange uncle’ and the other is gentle sister Momo Tao, who ran to Sang Xiuyu’s side without hesitation.
"Little conscienceless" Ji Youyun muttered 1.
Momo peach xi xi a smile "uncle season you find me to come over to pay? Is that a bonus? "
"Momo Taoren can’t value money so much. You are a little lady. You should be steady and noble. You should treat money like dirt to live up to your identity as a pillar." Ji Youyun laughed.
"You have to earn money to live. Dirt can also grow food." Momo said that she is a very grounded little lady. Blink, her eyes are soft.
"Besides, people are Momo peaches, not columns."
"Ouch, you’re just pouting when you say it." Ji Youyun showed a smug smile. "This time, it’s not to send money, it’s something else."