Fortunately, Mo Xiaoyan is not an Internet addiction girl who doesn’t play games. It’s better to go to class early and occasionally, and then work and play games. Xia Shuqing actually goes to see Xia Shuqing as a deputy or a group activity.

Unconsciously, nearly ten days have passed. Mo Xiaoyan came back with lunch after class. Xia Shuqing greeted him with joy, "Wife, wife, you can come back to play."
Mo Xiaoyan asked doubtfully, "What’s the matter?"
"Hey, hey, that pain in the ass entered the game and went to Yuelao for a forced divorce. Great, we can get married again." Xia Shuqing was happy to sit on the sofa and put his wife around his arm and gather together to coquetry in Mo Xiaoyan’s side face and mouth.
"Well, wife, let’s pick a day to get married, ok? You see, there is no way for us to get married in reality. Let’s get married in the game first, ok? "
"Not good" Mo Xiaoyan put chopsticks into his hand and saw that he was pouting and unhappy. "Come to dinner and I’ll tell you. It’s not that I don’t agree, but that it’s not good for us to keep a low profile together?"
Xia Shuqing shook his head violently with chopsticks. He didn’t want it. If his wife didn’t agree with him, he wouldn’t advise him to divorce. He had to find someone to stimulate her.
"I’m afraid we got married in the game with such a high profile that it was as small as …" Mo Xiaoyan was busy motioning with his hand after being stared at by Xia Shuqing fiercely.
"Wrong wrong is that woman then make the woman angry and come to our dormitory? Let’s make trouble in the game. It’s easy to make trouble in reality. It’s all in a college sometime. "When I think of that pajamas with my husband’s head on it, I always feel that she is not so easy to let it go."
Xia Shuqing hesitated for a while and agreed reluctantly. "All right, listen to you, but we’ll get engaged at the end of the year."
I’m afraid she won’t agree with me. "Mom said, oh, at the end of the year, our two families will have a meal together. We should at least let our family know. Even if outsiders don’t agree, don’t you think so?"
"Listen to you, come to dinner." Mo Xiaoyan smiled and nodded her family’s meaning. She had already heard from her father.
"Great wife, I love you." Xia Shuqing was so happy that she pouted and hugged Mo Xiaoyan. When she kissed him again, it would be endless. Mo Xiaoyan was afraid of going to bed again and stopped in the middle. "Eat well first, and the food will taste bad when it gets cold later."
The young couple are bored with each other, and after lunch, they both play games.
In the game,’ Honey Master’ received a lot of reserved information, but there was no information about’ Love Like Silk’. When Mo Xiaoyan went to her home to collect things, she looked at the warehouse. Everything remained the same and was not looted-and some of the’ Love Like Silk’ sundries were taken back, and the jewels she gave to’ Love Like Silk’ were returned, and even more than hundreds of thousands of game coins were added.
It seems that "feeling like silk" wants to sort out with "honey master" and estimates that the money is for fashion. Mo Xiaoyan has a strange feeling. Doesn’t Ye Rutang know that people who are playing this number are not Xia Shuqing?
Friends’ feelings are like silk’ online Mo Xiaoyan hesitated or didn’t ask questions. Now that it’s clear, let’s distinguish it. There is no need for reality to come and go. In the game?
After only one run in the public room, Xia Shuqing shouted, "Wife, wife, come here quickly."
Did something important happen? Mo Xiaoyan should get Master Honey back to his home and go to his room to see the situation. "What’s wrong with coming?"
"Come and see," Xia Shuqing grinned excitedly and called Mo Xiaoyan to look at the screen in the past.
In the game, there are rows of conversations in private chat.
Love is like silk?
I am virtuous?
Love is like silk. I know who you are. It’s all a college. Let’s shake hands and make peace.
I am virtuous, hehe
Don’t be so hostile. I mean it.
After a few minutes, I sent another message. I was lovelorn a few days ago, and it took me a few days to get over it. My secret admirer doesn’t like me. My husband is a person I like, but I didn’t expect it to be his brother.
Love is like silk. We’re all girls, and we can’t be reconciled after opposing each other, right?
I’m virtuous. Have you changed your sadness this time?
Love is like silk. I know I took you as an imaginary enemy before I was bad. I’m sorry, Jia. You should understand me, right?
My name is Ye Rutang. You can call me Xiaoru or Xiaoye.
I am virtuous.
Love is like silk, Xiaojia. Didn’t we have a good chat that day? Let’s be friends and have a good game together.
Xia Shuqing didn’t respond later. He was alert and stared at his wife and asked, "What do you mean, wife?" Do you really think I am Xiaojia? "
Look at Ye Rutang’s bite of a’ little girl’. Mo Xiaoyan feels that his knees want to know everything. Ye Rutang certainly doesn’t know where Xia Shuqing played. Is this still a trick to dig her corner? In that case, she took the battle.
At this time, in the game, Xi Feng found "Do you want to play vice?" Twenty-five people are all our own help. "
Xia Shuqing accepted the invitation of Xifeng to form a team for the time being and did not forget to say, "Wife, wife, you also come."
"Good" Mo Xiaoyan is interested in nodding and agreeing to gently push Xia Shuqing. "You get up and play with the Mage, hehe, the Archer, and let me see what medicine she sells in the gourd."
"Good … no" Xia Shuqing has no problem with which number to play, but he is determined not to let his wife’ Ye tenderness’ play with this Ye Rutang again. What’s the difference between being divorced?