"Actually, it’s very simple, Andres" is always better than persuasion, just like tempting a person to sell his soul.

"Just beat Porto in the final and win the Champions League."
Deco’s eyes lit up.
Yeah, why didn’t he think of that just now?
If I win the Champions League in Valencia, isn’t it right to say that I moved to Valencia?
"I look forward to your performance in the final, Andreas" finally ended the conversation by shaking hands with Deco.
Deco clenched his fist when he went out, full of fighting spirit.
This time, he must take practical actions to tell Mourinho how correct and wise he was when he chose to move to Valencia!
After the final round of the league, the winning team came to Gelsenkirchen, Germany, where the Schalke area is the Schalke 4 site.
Mourinho’s team has been waiting here for a long time.
That’s why he thinks his team has an advantage over Valencia.
Compared with tired Valencia, his team is an easy task.
Moreover, Porto, who has lived here for a week, is more suitable for the climate, venue, diet and living habits here than when he first arrived in Valencia.
Even the time difference changed from Greenwich Mean Time to Central European Time.
On the other hand, Valencia will have a fierce battle with Porto in Schalke Stadium two days after its arrival.
What can they prepare in two days?
At best, it is not necessarily possible to adapt to the site.
Both coaches are temperamental coaches.
In the media, the head coach is also happy to compete with the other side.
So in their war of words, they kept fighting
Just after the plane won, he ridiculed Mourinho for coming here more than a week ago to make preparations, which was a coward.
"I am a Portuguese team in Porto. Was it originally a German team? Are they playing at home? The so-called we are used to playing away. "
I don’t want to say that Valencia is envious of us, but in fact they are envious of us because we have longer preparation time than them, which is our advantage. Whether he admits it or not, why didn’t he arrange a game the day before the Champions League final?
This war of words between the two sides has been played until the press conference before the game.
It is different from the kind of interview with reporters. This occasion is more confirmed. Of course, if there is a war of words, this stage is more suitable and sensational.
Mourinho attended the press conference first.
At the press conference, he briefly introduced his team, but he refused to disclose the starting list.
Then he aimed the muzzle at the winning tactics. "Some people say that Valencia plays the most advanced and best football in Europe. I can’t agree with this fallacy. Although Valencia has a high possession rate, how many things in their possession rate are meaningless? I once watched a Valencia game, and I thought that everyone was saying that they were good, so maybe I should study. But after watching the game for ten minutes, I lost my sight in disgust! What do I see? I saw Valencia two defenders go back and forth for five minutes! Football has always been handed down between the two of them, and there is no intention to move forward! I don’t care. What’s good about football? If football is a showball, is it still football? Isn’t it who scores more goals that decides the outcome of the football match? When did it become who has a higher possession rate? "
Once Mourinho hit the box, he couldn’t stop talking. He had a lot to say, which he usually kept in his heart. This time, he finally found an opportunity to get it off his chest.
"On the contrary, I think Valencia’s football tactics are a retrogression and a typical example of not making progress. Once they need to defend, they will fall back and forth in the backcourt. The point of this fall is that when delaying the game, I think UEFA should severely punish this negative game! If everyone plays like them, what’s the point? Which team keeps the ball in the backcourt? I’ve been kicking my feet until I’m tired of my opponent for 19 minutes, and then I’m taking advantage of the opponent’s numbness to fight back and score the final goal? "
His remark caused that reporter to laugh.
Because what he said was quite vivid, everyone made up their minds and found that this scene was very happy.
"I don’t think I can call myself a tactical creator by copying an ikiaka from Barcelona and then adapting it casually, and the copying is a failure."
Mourinho had not fallen out with Barcelona at this time, and he was even proud of being branded by Barcelona.
Therefore, he is very dissatisfied with Changsheng copying ikiaka and then swindling.
Chang Sheng then heard Mourinho’s evaluation of his tactics.
He paused for a moment and then remembered that it was still 24 years, and Mourinho’s feelings for Barcelona had not deteriorated to the point of later generations.
Ever since then, Mourinho has not adapted to it.
I smiled at Mourinho’s questioning that his tactics always win. "I think Mr. Mourinho made a mistake-even if he said my tactics were worthless, it wouldn’t help him win the Champions League final. An ugly negative tactic can win three league titles, so I’d rather be ugly and negative! And whether it is really ugly and negative is probably not judged by Mr. Mourinho, but by fans. In fact, there are many neutral fans who like to watch Valencia games, but how many neutral fans are there in Porto? "
In the camera, Changsheng smiled with confidence.
Just like Mourinho, he never released his starting line-up, so after the press conference, the media were so excited that they didn’t find out that they didn’t get the starting list of both sides.
So the reporters said, "It seems that the two head coaches are very cautious and careful, although their mouths are fierce …"
The media accidentally told the truth.
That’s true. Changsheng and Mourinho are both very conservative people …
There was a heated argument between the two sides before the game, but it was hard to say who won from the result.
So the result of this war of words will eventually fall to the finals.
Let’s see whether Valencia beat Porto or Mourinho was better.
Come to this final, because both sides are not giants, they are not attractive to the general public, and the sponsors and broadcasters are not enthusiastic. This situation will definitely cause sponsors and broadcasters to doubt the Champions League Qian Jing.
Fortunately, the two teams that finally reached the Champions League final were Mourinho Porto and winning Valencia.
Neither of these people is an oil lamp saver.
UEFA has an indulgent attitude towards the two men’s almost direct nose-pointing and verbal abuse.
It is obviously difficult to maintain enough attention in the Champions League final by two teams.
Porto and Valencia are diaosi teams. Valencia at least has a Ronaldinho Porto. What’s there?
I don’t know anyone!
At this time, two personality coaches naturally become UEFA’s lifeline.
Uefa acquiesced in the two of them attacking each other at the pre-match press conference, which secretly added fuel to the flames.