Everyone jumped at the man.

"We surrender!"
JiFan corners of the mouth with a sneer at "such people my first step into the city is to kill these so-called a captain"
Before repairing the town, Ji Fan repeated the slogan of suppressing thieves, not to make them stop struggling.
Takahashi frowned and sighed and looked back at the soldiers with low morale.
Gaoshan is a dark-skinned strong man in his thirties.
It is normal that their moral loyalty is at a low point and their morale is low.
But now his loyalty to the monarch tells him that he cannot surrender!
Takayama sighed and drank a "general kyi who is who is who? My Lord SHEN WOO, who can say that he can’t be a sage? "
Ji Fanlai didn’t expect to be able to say that he was yelling at me. "Is it true that Xian Jun is so ugly and chaotic that thieves oppress the people to come to Yecheng to seek food and clothes? It belongs to Xuzhou at most, so he doesn’t observe and search for the times and the people’s cream. This is the so-called Saint Jun? In that case, let’s talk about meeting before the battle! "
Takayama’s eyes flashed with a sigh. He had heard of Zhao Yun, Xu Chu and Dian Wei. At first, he saw the information. He didn’t believe that there were such people in the world.
Now he believes in him. He sees two people in the other team wearing blood armor and blood horses on their hips. He believes in it and decides not to play in guarding the city.
Zhaoyun on horseback before "Changshan zhaoyun Zhao Long here! People dare to fight! "
Dian Wei rode a bloody horse with double halberds in his hands and shouted, "Chen Liu Dian Wei dares to fight here!"
Xu Chu held a nine-ring knife in his right hand and shouted, "Tiger idiot Xu Chu dares to fight here!"
A kind of timidity filled in everyone’s heart, everyone looked at Takayama in unison, hoping he wouldn’t do anything stupid.
Takayama frowned and hesitated in his heart. The other party seemed to be here without rest after the siege pool.
Takahashi observed the number of Ji Fan’s army, looked at it in detail and found that the other side did not match the number of intelligence 70 thousand troops. It seems that there are more than 30 thousand here
Takahashi frowned and wanted to think, the only thing that can explain it is that the rest of the army is resting.
He didn’t think deeply that it was enough for him to know that the other side had 30 thousand soldiers
"Our army ordered the whole city to attack 30 thousand foot soldiers."
A captain behind him frowned and said, "Does the general come to repair the town and guard it?"
Takayama said with an expression, "It’s better to be so repressed by the other side than last stand."
A captain can’t live in his heart, cursing Takayama, "You are loyal to the old man and don’t want to die", but these 30 thousand foot soldiers are beyond the control of the other party.
Nai has nodded yes.
"My military orders! Go out of the city to kill the enemy! "
Thirty thousand foot soldiers rushed out crazily and flocked to Zhao Yun’s three generals.
Zhao Yun, Xu Chu and Dian Wei were greeted with the same face.
In their eyes, there is little difference between 10,000 and 30,000.
Now they don’t kill at will, but choose to have official positions and armor or armor is better.
Taking the enemy’s head out of 30 thousand soldiers is like taking something out of a bag!
But this sentence is crazy at the moment.
In just a quarter of an hour, three people won the head of a captain, and nine people panicked and spread.
At the moment, Zhao Yun’s unique skill is to make a hundred birds fly at the phoenix gun, and seven snake-hunting guns are constantly blooming in the whole body with strange chilling blood fog.
Every shot is a continuous blood fog.
Maybe it’s because he looks younger and attacks others more. After Zhao Yun’s outbursts this time, Zhao Yun and Fiona Fang actually lived for 500 meters.
A strong bloody smell filled the nasal cavity.
Dian Wei is even more possessed by killing gods. Generally, people dare to take the previous step at the moment.
Xu Chu is even more armed with a nine-ring knife. With his strong strength and extraordinary physical strength, he even killed and roared "Happy!"
However, at this time, the east side of Xiuzhen Town came to a gate to break the sound.
The breach of the city gate means that Xiuzhen falls into the enemy, so they will retreat
And Ji Fan will be burned if she makes so many preparations.
Everyone turns pale
Ji Fan frowned and wondered, "Is it Liu Changlai who is fishing?"
Liu Chang?
JiFan looked up at the town.