Then the two of them smiled at each other. The joy when Li Cheng and Granger didn’t see each other for a summer was naturally covered up.

Li Cheng and Granger finished bullfighting, and the afternoon walkers also formally trained, mainly for physical training.
He hasn’t missed a day of training for more than a month after the Sung Jae Lee Olympic Games, but his physical fitness has not been bad, but what the pacers need to do now is to prepare for the pre-season.
In the physical preparation period, the amount of physical training is very large, but in Granger’s eyes, Li Cheng, a training maniac, doesn’t seem to feel uncomfortable. He adapts to the rhythm very well
While the afternoon walkers trained in tactics.
This year, there are two sets of Pacers’ tactics, the core of which is Li Cheng.
The first set of main tactical framework is to pick and roll the main position attack, while the second set of tactics is to quickly counterattack.
When the Pacers are present by Jack, they will play a steady pick-and-roll tactic, while when the Pacers’ point guard is a Ford Pacers, it will turn into a quick counterattack and crazy attack tactic.
These two sets of tactics are no strangers to Li Cheng, and now these two sets of tactics are all around Li Chenglai to fight Li Cheng, which is naturally more like a duck to water.
Chapter 257 Pacers rookie
The core word of Pacers’ current tactics is "fast", and their core tactics are to make a block through the simplest pick-and-roll tactics and then send the ball into the basket through shooting.
Pacers’ tactics are a bit like running and bombing tactics, but there are some differences in running and bombing small balls.
Run-and-blast tactics have very high requirements for the team’s offensive organizers, who need to create opportunities and distribute the ball quickly.
The pacers’ tactical idea is to create one-on-one opportunities or shooting opportunities for Li Cheng or Granger through ball running, so that they can complete the attack or give the ball to the linesman, who will directly attack the basket.
In the new season, the Pacers’ offensive rhythm will be very fast, and Rush and Granger’s defensive ability will also be a big boost to the Pacers.
In this summer, O ‘Brien has been thinking about how to transport Li Cheng. He took out the video of the China team’s game and studied it over and over again, but Junasz’s ambassador to Li Cheng was caught in the Pacers’ array.
In particular, in the match between China and Spain, China offered a variation triangle attack.
Junasz simplified the triangle offense, making it less troublesome for players to adapt and maximizing Li Cheng’s personal attack, but the Pacers did not have the conditions of China team. First of all, the Pacers lacked a dominant center in the basket.
No matter Lopez, Mike Roberts, Ibaka, Foster or hibbert, they don’t have Yao’s dominance.
After all, the Pacers’ core is outside the line, and this summer they reinforced the line more by focusing on the players’ defensive ability and coping ability in attack, but not so much on the players’ dominance.
Now the Pacers’ salary structure is very good. Li Cheng and Granger hold the Pacers’ highest salary compared with others. Ford, Jack and Foster hold middle-class contracts and the rest are rookie contracts.
But Indiana is not a metropolis after all, and they are unable to attract a top center to join Larry Bird. He tried to trade Yao, but Morey didn’t even give the Pacers a chance to negotiate.
If the Pacers can get Yao to join them, the horse will become a champion team, but now their young guards still need some experience, and it remains to be seen whether the rookie in the team can play the expected value in Byrd’s mind
The upcoming preseason is a test for the pacers, a group of rookies.
In the summer league, the Pacers’ new recruits all performed well.
Mike Roberts, who studied under coach K, is a line player with strict discipline and solid foundation in Duke University. His coordination ability and good defense ability in middle-distance shooting are eye-catching in the summer league.
Yu Qianmo’s performance in the summer league is even more regrettable for the godfather of the Heat, Pat Riley. No, Qian Qianmo’s three points are stable and his defense is solid. He is a good role player.
In addition, this guy hibbert showed a certain dominance in the summer league, just like his crazy performance in March, and he had the ability to change the trend of the game by himself.
Next, Ibaka, the Congo, shouted that he showed his ability to cope in the game. Being tough in defense made many people shine. If this guy can play in the summer league in the nba regular season, he is definitely an important fight for the championship team.
Ibaka’s performance also made Larry Bird, the general manager who had moved to Oklahoma and changed his name to Thunder Supersonic, once again lambasted him for stealing his favorite player, and the player performed very well in the summer league.
Finally, Li Cheng’s substitute Bulandra Rush was seriously injured in his front knee, which caused him to fall out of the lottery area directly. Bird would choose him and have a gambling idea in it.
However, Rush did well in the summer league. He was a little afraid of strong physical confrontation, but he still had some amazing dunks, and his performance outside the three-point line was also commendable. Besides, he could often defend the opposing small forward. He could walk with higher defensive intensity in the front line.
Generally speaking, these rookie pacers have performed well in the summer league, which makes the outside media envious and jealous of the pacers.
However, there are still brick experts who say that the performance of the pacers in choosing these young people depends on their performance in the regular season. However, their strength and the performance of the Sung Jae Lee Olympic Games are enough for the media and brick experts to include the pacers in the popular teams to win the championship.
The pacers’ first preseason game is on January 1, and they will do more intensive physical training for a week.
However, Li Cheng is still not satisfied with the amount of training arranged by O ‘Brien. He won’t leave until dark without staying and practicing every day.
From the day Li Cheng returned to the team, he was the first player to come to the training hall and the last player to leave the training hall every day, but Li Cheng was not the only one who gave himself crazy training, and Granger accompanied him.
But sometimes Granger will leave first, but Li Cheng stays until the end every day. He never stops honing himself, regardless of the wind and rain.
Li Cheng tried to look at it in the eyes of everyone, but even after training with Sung Jae Lee for a year, Granger couldn’t stand following Li Cheng’s rhythm every day, and he couldn’t stand Li Cheng’s super-intense training.
"Li Cheng, I’ll go to the movies with my girlfriend tonight, so I won’t practice with you." Granger said to Li Cheng after training today.
Li Cheng nodded and said, "It’s the first preseason game. Don’t be so tired."
"Don’t worry! It’s just preseason. The coach won’t let us have too long playing time. It’s better to leave it to young people, "Granger said with a smile."
Li Cheng frowned. He didn’t like losing the game very much, including a painful preseason game, but Li Cheng didn’t say anything after all. He nodded and said, "You guys play late."
Granger waved goodbye to Li Cheng.
At seven o’clock in the evening, Ibaka threw the last shot he practiced for himself today and wiped his forehead with sweat. "Li Cheng, I’ll go first, so go home early!"
Li Cheng didn’t speak, but nodded his head. Now he is still training three-pointers. He needs to adapt to the length of the nba three-pointer as soon as possible, otherwise he may make some jokes in the game.
Ibaka watched Li Cheng still practicing shooting physically and mentally. He now knows something about Li Cheng’s ability to make a blockbuster in the season and turn around the results in the Olympic Games by himself, helping China break the biggest upset in Olympic history and win the Olympic champion.
"Don’t be hard on training and self-discipline. He is famous now, but he still chooses to soak in the training hall and practice boring every day." Ibaka sighed.
"Every successful person has paid a sweat that others can’t imagine!" Ibaka thought of some of his friends who were dreaming of soaring dreams. "They saw him laugh when he succeeded, but they didn’t see the tears behind his success."
Thinking about this, Ibaka is full of fighting spirit, but his body really doesn’t allow him to continue practicing.
"It is also a gift to be able to withstand this non-human training every day and still be alive and kicking!" Ibaka nai shook his head and finally looked back at Li Cheng’s shooting figure and turned to the locker room.
By the time Li Cheng walked out of the training hall with his Cadillac, it was already the moon was high and the stars were flying all over the sky.
"The preseason is coming tomorrow, and the new season is coming soon. I really look forward to it!" Sitting in the car, Li Cheng felt a strong expectation for the new season.
"The Pacers will definitely be stronger this year, and those guys are also great. Jamal and Troy have left, and they have new owners, while some people have been directly laid off by the team and have not found a new owner yet." Li Cheng sighed that those comrades who struggled together last year now also have Granger and Foster still in the team.
"If I didn’t get the top basketball player, would I be laid off by the team now?"
Li Cheng didn’t think much about this question. The answer is obvious, that’s for sure.
"nba is a business field, and I don’t know if Danny and I can fight in Indiana like Reggie in a few years until the day we retire." Li Cheng felt a sad but very strong heart.
The nba is an entertainment company and a pure business field. In the eyes of the team, players may be just like businessmen! Personal feelings can always be put in the second place or even the third place here.
"Will I leave Indiana if there is a better chance in the future?" Sung Jae Lee asked himself in my heart.