"What’s wrong with my ugliness? None of your business! Your Leng Yuxin is not ugly. Go back to Wangfu to accompany you. Who asked you to come here? !” Muhuan suppressed for too long, and finally the emotion broke out, pushing thyme to turn over and sobbing at the wall.

"This seems to be the royal room!" There is banter in the words of thyme.
"Okay, I’ll just go!" MuHuan smell speech suddenly sat up and ready to leave.
She moves faster and faster. She bounces up and holds her in her arms. "Stop that now, okay? When did Wang say you were ugly? "
"Do you want to deny it just now?" MuHuanGong eyes staring at thyme devoted to hot "let me go! Let me go! "
"The king won’t let go!" Bai Li Mo Xu’s face is not as thick as a thick forehead. Feng eyes stared at her eyes. "How can Wang let you go?"
"Save these sweet words to coax those women in your house. I won’t buy it!" Muhuan lowered his eyes and dared not face up to this uber’s eyes with thyme devoted to the heat. It was so charming.
"In addition to your king who also don’t want to coax" thyme devoted to hot holding MuHuan arm a tight turn and then put her down and quietly looked at her, o, flow to say still Hugh.
"You …" Muhuan’s alarm bell stretched out his hand to push the waist of thyme, only to see his eyebrows frowning. He immediately remembered that he had seen some scars and sword marks, and his face changed. "Your report, you haven’t recovered yet?"
"It’s okay, it will be better in a few days. As you know, the secret plaster of Xilin royal family has a good scar removal effect. Chapter one hundred and forty Girl, give it to me!
See MuHuan asked about his injury thyme devoted to a warm heart. This girl really meant that she immediately lay beside MuHuanPing and held her in her arms.
"But I heard my brother say that you were not only poisonous but also seriously injured, and even your intestines were pulled out …" I could hear Muhuan saying this sentence with some concern.
"The military doctor later cut off the toxic intestine, and the king was fine. The princess didn’t worry." A hundred miles of strangers said that it seemed that the root that was injured that day was not him.
"Does the sovereign still hurt?" Muhuan’s little hand gently touched the belly of a hundred miles away from the heat, and it was really a little distressed. How critical was this man at that time, but he finally insisted on saving his brother, and finally his intestines were cut.
"Occasionally, there will be some dull pain, but it will soon be over. Wang will take medicine and meditate and adjust his breath every day, and he will recover quickly."
"Your majesty’s stomach is damaged, so he should eat more pasta and something to digest." Muhuan suddenly remembered something and sat up. "Why don’t I make cakes? Mother can also eat a little."
"Really? ! On that day, the wintersweet cake was really good, and Xiangwang liked it very much! " Li Mo Xu also sat up and made cakes with this girl, which he dreamed of for a long time. Besides, he can make them for his mother to taste this time.
"Report, lie down again. You didn’t have a good rest last night. I can be alone."
"But the king also wants to be with the princess." It’s hard to refuse to be a stranger in a hundred miles.
So the two of them packed up and walked out of the door hand in hand. Together, they picked some wintersweet in the garden of Ci ‘an Pavilion and went to the small kitchen together. Everyone in Ci ‘an Pavilion was very sensible, and Mammy Li hinted that no one had bothered the two men before.
It’s natural for thyme to be clumsy when he does such a thing for the first time. He is naturally clever and has Muhuan to give advice. He soon learns to be in good shape. While they are talking and laughing, they are busy for a while and they also pinch out a bunch of dough figurines.
"Wang Ye’s hand is so clever?" Muhuan didn’t expect that a hundred miles devoted to kneading dough and making a fire couldn’t be done, but the dough figurines were well pinched. It was really sweet to watch him carefully pinch out those dough figurines, because a hundred miles devoted to kneading dough was actually pinching herself, except for a Nini. Now it’s really more like it.
These little people have different expressions, are angry, have a smile, are in a daze, are making tea, are playing the piano and are sleeping. Everyone looks so lifelike that people have to admire a hundred miles of enthusiasm. The technique is that Mu Huan always disdains to look at himself, but he remembers his expression clearly in the dark. This discovery warms her heart.
"It’s far from being a princess!" Bai Li Mo Xu bowed his head and Muhuan pecked his face. It’s really amazing to make cakes with this girl. Everything seems to have gone away. If this is what she calls a simple life, she really likes it and wants to spend it with her.
Muhuan’s face turned red, and there was a little sweetness in his heart. At this moment, two people were so close, and the small kitchen was filled with happiness.
When the two steamed noodles were sent to the Oriental Miao room, Bailijiang River was also full of praise when they watched and tasted it.
Seeing that Oriental Miao Miao has recovered a lot, Li Jiang Yan Da Yue decided to stay in Ci ‘an Pavilion. Oriental Miao Miao smiled and asked people to arrange dinner, and Bai Li Mo Xu and Mu Huan naturally accompanied him.
"Xu Er, it’s a lifetime’s blessing for you to get such a good wife. Treat her well!" After dinner, while Muhuan helped Dongfang Miao into the room to have a rest, Bailijiang lowered his voice and confessed that "if you can get her heart, you will be able to stay in the night."
I don’t see any expression on my face.
"Women can be spoiled, but don’t miss the big event because they are immersed in love. The country and the sky are more important to men." For the first time, Bailijiang talked about this issue in such a serious way. "I know that you spoil Leng Yuxin, but there are things that need to be measured. In the long run, Khmer will eventually become enemies. Only with the help of Nightingale can Xilin get a lot of minerals and sophisticated weapons can we finally dominate Cangxi."
"I obey my father’s teachings" and I nod my head "I am closing the distance with Muhuan"
"Very good!" Bailijiang gave a satisfied smile. "Although Mubai is not strong, he is not stupid. He takes Yelan minerals very closely, but I believe that Xu Er will not let his father down!"
"Father, don’t worry!" Thyme devoted to hot looking at slowly out of the room MuHuan stopped.
"You also go to bed early! I accompany your mother. "Bailijiang waved at the young couple’s mouth and walked into the Oriental Miao Miao room himself.
Thyme devoted to warm Muhuan tightened the fox’s fur cloak and took her hand back to the side compartment. Laner waited on the two men to wash and dress, added refined carbon, and ordered a grain of plain fragrance. Then she cleverly retired from the side compartment and left the two of them, Nini, who ran back halfway and drank thyme devoted to warm blood and went to the garden sensibly.
Bai Li Mo Xu wore a white Chinese tunic and a blouse and sat at the table to see Muhuan wearing long hair and a white nightgown. She sat on the bed and embroidered a quiet room. Occasionally Muhuan looked up and looked at Bai Li Mo Xu’s back with tenderness in her eyes. Sometimes Bai Li Mo Xu also looked back and looked down at the embroidery. Muhuan’s eyes could not hide his feelings.
Neither of them spoke, but there was something unspeakable in this room that grew and spread quietly, and tonight was doomed to be restless!
"Princess, you still don’t sleep at night?" I don’t know how long it took to let go and look back at Muhuan.
"I was just about to go to bed." Mu Huangang spread the brocade quilt, and each person and one bed did not interfere with each other. After hearing this, he hurriedly got into the bed against the wall with his back to the hundred miles devoted to the heat.
"The princess is going to sleep with the king?" With a wave of his hand, a hundred miles away, the candle went out, and people soon got into bed. When they lifted the brocade quilt, they slept beside Muhuan.
"Your majesty, it’s cold, and one bed is warmer." Muhuan’s intuition is to stay away from thyme.
"Princess is very cold? Wang Ke can be your heater. You don’t listen to her hand, but you will take her into your arms. This faint daughter fragrance, which has never been practiced, makes people particularly greedy.
"I’m not afraid of sleeping. I’ll kick the prince later or sleep separately!" Muhuan’s heart is beating like a drum. At this moment, he wraps himself in rosewood, which is somewhat different. It seems that more belongs to male Holmon.
"Don’t let the king be physically strong and the princess kick casually." Li Mo Xu continued to play tricks.