"Maybe she is a spy? Who bought it off? The Lord treats her well. Is she going to do this? "

The housekeeper and grandmother were surprised at first, but they felt strange at the back. Then they thought about the cause and effect carefully, and suddenly they felt a little scary. Then they looked at each other and looked at Liu sitting opposite, looking at her getting paler and paler. They gradually realized that they were being benefited by Ling, but she was just a scapegoat. It was just a chess game thrown by others!
"Daughter! What’s the matter with you? How did you become like this? Who is hurting you! " Ling’s mother was so anxious that she couldn’t accept the fact that her daughter could never be a spy or harm someone for no reason. All she could think was that her daughter had been harmed.
"Brother Aaron, my daughter, is she really poisoned?" Is Ah Ling’s dad a man? Although he was almost unstable by this accident, he can still stabilize his mind. He wants to stretch out his hand to pull Ah Ling, but he is afraid that she will behave like she did just now, and the scene will get out of control. In a hurry, he thinks of "Aaron" and turns to look at Xiaowu, who has been watching coldly.
"As you can see!" Xiaowu did not deny it.
"A Lingzhong is really [charming]?" Dad saw his daughter’s gaffes in public with his own eyes. I can imagine the mood.
"If you don’t believe me, you can continue to wait and see. If I didn’t guess wrong, she must have pushed the power to suppress [Mei Du] just now, but it made this toxin grow faster. If she doesn’t cure it or people can’t be happy for an hour, she will die with that big strong one!"
Xiao Wuyin is very cold-eyed and disdainful. For this Ling, he naturally has no sympathy and dares to help people to harm the princess. This is just karma!
"Aaron eldest brother please save my daughter! She’s so hot! If she goes on like this, she will really die! My daughter must have been killed! She can’t be a spy! How could her enmity with your wife harm your wife inexplicably? There must be something hidden in this! Please help her! I want you to save her old woman and promise to let her tell the truth and let her talk about it! "
Ling’s mother heard that she threw herself down on Xiaowu’s feet and kowtowed to Xiaowu, begging him to save Ling.
"It’s not me, from ruin, but I can’t save her!" Xiaowu shook his head. "My only antidote has been given to my wife. Now even if I want to save her, I can’t help it. My grandfather repeatedly asked her if she had been in contact with Pu Huan. She firmly refused to admit that if she had recognized me earlier, she wouldn’t have let anyone put perilla grass in her hand. She is asking for it!"
"No, you must have a way to save her!" In a panic, A Ling Niang climbed to the front of Bai Li Mo Xu again. "Mr. Jiu is all my daughter’s fault, but we misunderstood her. Madam, please help her a lot!"
Ah Ling’s father and brother also knelt down and cried for "Mr. Nine, please save Ah Ling!"
"Butler, get a bucket of cold water!" Thyme devoted to hot phoenix eyes a dark mouth.
"Yes!" The housekeeper turned and ran to the kitchen, and soon cold water came in
"spill it on her!" Li Mo Xu pointed to Ling. "She has lost her mind now. Once her mourning platform becomes clear, she will naturally know to find an antidote."
They haven’t come to the meaning in this statement, but they see that the housekeeper poured a bucket of cold water on Ling’s head, and Ling made a cold war in situ, and her eyes seemed a little blurred.
Seeing that she looked up and looked around like she couldn’t figure out what happened to her body, she climbed to Liu’s side, grabbed Liu’s clothes and cried, "Madam, help me! I am poisoned, give me the antidote! "
As soon as the hall was quiet, everyone’s eyes were on Liu’s body, and even the second young master Liu beside her opened her mouth and looked shocked.
"You dead girl, what are you talking nonsense? I have no antidote! Are you dizzy with drugs? " The feeling be nasty Liu gave Ling a big mouth of cutting and pretended to be very wronged. "Ling wasted me and treated you so well. How did you help outsiders to hurt me? Who told you to frame me like this? !”
"Madam, please give me the antidote quickly. I can’t stand it. It’s so uncomfortable! I’m dying of heat! " Obviously, that bucket of cold water can’t completely relieve the body [Mei Du]. Ling scratched her clothes again. She cried and begged Liu "Madam, I did everything you wanted me to do. Give me the antidote quickly!" I know you still have it! "
With that, A Ling went to touch Liu’s chest. "I saw you hiding the antidote on your chest last night. Give me one quickly!"
"You crazy! If you want to detoxify yourself, find a man! " Liu has kept her gentle image before ordinary people, and with a calm face, she kicked Ling up and took the second young master Liu "Let’s go back!"
"madam! Is it really you? You want this? You from ruin? What’s wrong with my Ling? You have an antidote for her? You told her to find a man? She hasn’t married yet! Are you trying to destroy her? !” A Ling’s mother rushed to hug her daughter and looked at Liu plaintively. She suddenly felt that Liu was so strange and terrible.
"Mrs Liu, you just go? You don’t care if your servant girl lives or dies? This matter hasn’t come out yet. Aren’t you going to give me a confession? " Thyme devoted to looking at Liu’s eyes was so cold that she was afraid.
"Mr. Nine was always disciplined by me, so people would buy off their own personal maids. I really didn’t think that Ling was a spy, and I didn’t think that she would design a plot with outsiders to harm your wife. Now things are clear, and Ling is self-inflicted. From now on, she is no longer my husband. Please feel free to take it out on her!" Liu finished pulling his brother-in-law, leaving his cold feelings exposed.
They just looked at different expressions at the moment.
"I’m afraid it is not so simple? !” Thyme stranger looked up at Liu Xiaowu and Ah, who had got up and stood in her way coldly.
"Mr. Nine, I have made it very clear that I! I don’t know what Ling did in secret! She’s been delirious by Mei Du now. Can you believe her words? !” Liu looked back at Bai Li Mo Xu and changed to a weak expression. "I’m just a widowed and weak woman. Will I be forced?"
"Widowed weak woman? !” A hundred miles away, I snorted coldly. "The most terrible thing about Mrs. Liu in this world is that she is a snake and a scorpion, but the weak woman claims that you and I are peaceful. If you are wrong, you should not have some restless thoughts, let alone treat me. If you hurt her, how can I spare you?"
With a wave of his hand, a hundred miles away from his voice flashed a white light and Liu snorted and knelt down. Chapter four hundred and thirty-five The bottom! (Monthly ticket plus more)
When they saw the blood oozing from Liu’s legs, they were in a cold sweat. The second young master Liu shouted "Sister-in-law" and reached out to help her, but she did her best but couldn’t get up anymore.
"See if she has an antidote. If so, give it to Ling." Baili Mo Xu looked at Liu in disgust and motioned for Shiva to search her.
In a complicated mood, the old woman walked up to Liu and squatted down. She never imagined that the play was sung like this. No matter how much kindness the old master had had to their husband and wife, she really made people beg to differ.
"You’ll never get it!" Before she could reach out her hand to Liu’s chest, Liu pushed her into her arms and grabbed a medicine bottle, which would push the power to be destroyed.
"Stubborn!" Hundred miles devoted to the heat had expected that she would have this move, and a powerful force rushed over with a flick of her sleeve. Liu instantly decided that she could no longer move there.
"Aaron, look at the antidote in her hand!" Drink a drink at a low temperature.
Xiaowu took the bottle and examined it carefully, then took out one and handed it to Aling’s brother. "Give it to your sister quickly!"
A moment later, when the red tide receded, A Ling woke up completely. She knelt down with regret and hate to expose Liu’s scheme one by one in public.
It turns out that Liu has been lobbying the housekeeper and a woman to persuade Mr. Jiu to go to her village for the New Year since he had a wild dream about Mr. Jiu. This [obsessing independence] was originally intended for Mr. Jiu’s body. Liu wanted to find a chance to poison Mr. Jiu and Mr. Jiu once they cooked rice, they naturally achieved their goal.